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"During a very busy time in my life Shantel made time for the most beautiful maternity session with me. While the world has now significantly slowed down, I finally have a moment to commend Shantel on her beautiful work. I will start by saying that with pregnancy, comes body changes we may or may not have had an easy time accepting. Pregnancy never felt “beautiful” for me, but Shantel reassured me that I would feel different about myself, more confident with the changes in my body per se, after our session. During our session I was nervous, constantly questioning if my positioning was ok, if the angle was ok, if everything was ok- Shantel quickly put my mind at ease and with grace took the wheel to guide me into feeling comfortable in front of her lens. She is patient, kind, understanding and warm during the sessions she provides. I remember her showing me a sneak peak of a photo from our first location on the back of her camera and I instantly felt more at ease. Everything was right, the light, the position, the angle, and the way I was able to carry myself with her reassurance as to not look nervous or uncomfortable related to my own feeling of self consciousness in the image. It was an easy and beautiful session with Shantel and I couldn’t have been more pleased when I not only saw the first completed image she sent to me THAT NIGHT in a private email, but every single image in the gallery she delivered to me. Her photography is second to none. It’s so much more than a photo, the experience, positivity and friendship she provides to her sessions make the experience so much more. I wished I lived closer so Shantel could take photos of our growing family. While I may live remote to her, when we come to visit she will be the first person I call to capture photos of my family in the town where I grew up. I am so blessed to have had the honor to work with Shantel. I would 10/10 recommend her for any and all photography needs, any day. Thank you so much friend. I will cherish my images forever."
"Sentimental Portrait Photography- Shantel Chatman was the best decision we made, my husband and I are in love with our family photos and very impressed with the Quality of her work. She was great to work with and an amazing person! I am not a very artistic person and I hate when a photographer asks me how I want everything when I am not the professional and I let her know that out the gate! She came up with the location and poses and had great communication throughout the whole process. My kids are 6 and soon to be 4 and she did an amazing job with them and is so patient and kind my kids loved her and responded so well, and she really captured their spirit and who they are. I can say I have no hesitations recommending Shantel Chatman and we will continue to use her for all our photography needs.
Thank you so much!"
"I decided to do a shoot with Shantel, I was nervous and panicked, not in her or her capabilities, but myself and how I would look on camera or how I may not like them because the way I looked and I am my own worst critic. Well, let me tell you just how wrong I was, she was fun, down to earth, put my mind at ease with not only her words but when she showed me that screen on her camera, all my fears and insecurities went away immediately. I had so much fun with her and I couldn’t be anymore in love with my pictures, I will be going to her for all of my future shoot! Thank you again Shantel, you my dear, are a goddess at what you do ❤️❤️"
"Trying to find the words to explain how amazing Shantel is is going to be hard. She completely changed my view on family photos and what moments to catch. I remember our first session and how it brought our family together. That day is a day we always talk about it was the day my husband realized that family photos can be more than just a backdrop amd matching outfits. Those family photos are the best photos of my family I hang them proudly threw out my home. Sentimental photography has bin there for our most meaningful moments and some of life changes. We have done family photos with her on multiple occasions. My son has gotten his senior pictures and they show him and who he is. She captured his character and personality perfectly. She is always willing to take on exciting ideas no matter how crazy I sound asking. I got photos done for my husband last year and I felt so perfect and confident with her doing them. If you consider family photos also consider the experience you will have. We look at these photos and have memories that will last forever with them. I 100% would recommend"

-The Boyntons

"I went into this shoot so incredibly nervous and unsure of myself. I'm just a mom, right? I have proudly carried and nourished four beautiful children. This experience reminded me that I am still a woman. A BEAUTIFUL woman. I can't thank Shantel enough for this opportunity to show myself that I am more than just a mom."


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