One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I'm a woman. That is the way all females should feel.

Marilyn Monroe

For YOU.

For Him.

For Them.

No matter the "why"...

We at Sentimental Portrait are a force that empowers women of all ages and body types to unleash their inner goddess and embrace their true beauty. We help women put their insecurities behind them and overcome the demand of our society’s standards. We believe you are more than what meets the eye and that you are worthy and deserving of self-love. We promise to not only provide an experience unlike any other, but also to fuel your inner fire as you take on the world with a newfound determination and appreciation for yourself and your strength.

We've been shooting boudoir at our current studio in Redmond Oregon, since 2019, and in that time hundreds of women have come through our doors. Many have graciously allowed us to share their beautiful images in the following portfolio galleries we've put together to show what we can do. None are professional models - they are ALL regular women, just like you.

Here are a few reasons clients come to do a session at Sentimental Portrait Studio:

  • Looking to reconnect with your partner during a unique and sensual couples date? Let's DO it. Serious couples THERAPY happens here.
  • Feeling like you've aged and you're looking to recapture your sexiness? I got you.
  • You want to give their significant other an incredible gift - birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or Christmas. I got you. (Many brides do a boudoir session to create the perfect gift for their grooms on their wedding day)
  • On the curvy side and continue to body shame yourself and looking for images that capture and celebrate your true beauty? Got you there too.
  • Expectant mother? So many beautiful pregnant bodies wish to capture this special time with sensual images that make them feel beautiful and sexy!
  • OR simply you want to treat yourself to a unique experience that will have you looking and feeling more beautiful than ever before!

No matter your "WHY" I'm here to make sure your needs are met.

Beat the urge to feel "not good enough" ...

I know what you're thinking- "These women are gorgeous. They're probably models who walk down the runaway every other weekend. They aren't just your average everyday-women that you see at your local supermarket."

Well, you're actually half right/half wrong. These women ARE completely gorgeous. That's a fact!


Appreciating your body NO MATTER what.

Recognizing that you've NEVER lost your sexy. EVER.

Documenting your beauty & growth even if you haven't hit your milestone!

Choosing to celebrate yourself for a change when you do hit that milestone, get the promotion, or turn 40, 50, 60+ years old. 

Remembering that you don't have to be so hard on yourself, we truly are our own worst critics. 

It's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once in a while! 

These strong women are your local PTA Moms, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc; these are everyday women who decided to treat themselves to so much more than just a manicure or a makeover.


HUNDREDS of women have chosen to invest in their mental health with this...

Can you even imagine how good you'll feel under studio lights after you've gotten a LUXURY glam experience? I have watched it pull people out of a depression, I've seen it give someone their worth and value back.

Our clients become our family, we offer beverages and snacks through the luxury portrait session and offer a hot towel or two while you're glamming!

At our studio in downtown Redmond, we've got the widest selection of sexy outfits and props in every single size and genre available to play dress up in right in our client closet!

A full sectioned and private upstairs loft to try outfits on in keeps you as private as you'd like to be all the way leading up to photos.

Give the gift of "you"!

Bridal shoots, & anniversary shoots, create the perfect excuse to come in and celebrate yourself. Give the gift gorgeous images of the person they LOVE so much and as a result, begin to appreciate how we all see you!

Custom gift boxes, large prints, custom photo books with endless design possibilities! We work with you to decide the best way to present your images and deliver high quality art pieces that will last.

Before and After Gallery

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Who will see my photos?

You call the shots darlin'. Available options to you are: NO SHARE (Mine and Your Eyes ONLY), SOFT SHARE (Women's Only Facebook Group), FULL SHARE (Full Model Release)

Can I buy more digitals and prints later?

Yes, your photos are available to purchase for 2 years session date. The benefit of purchasing a print or digital package with your session is the 10% product discount thats applied in total.

When will my photos be done?

Sneak Peeks are delivered same-next day. Full gallery delivery is 3-4 weeks. Expidited gallery option is available for purchase to cut the wait to 5 business days.