Terry didn't appreciate the shirt that Jodi packed..

To start the day off right, Jodi had packed an extra special shirt for Terry to be told to put on... The images below only half way say whats really being said here. Thankfully he was a good sport and found is "actual" shirt hiding in the bag.

Jodi's father was still able to be apart of her day.

As a master leather worker, it was only classic Jodi to use her art to keep her dad included in her special day. On her bouquet she carried him through the entire day.

In lieu of Jodi's father...

Her son Kole walked her down the perfect isle for Jodi, an old dirt road in the back woods. I love how true to herself she stayed and didn't get lost in planning anything but what meant something to her.

The Ceremony...

Was short and sweet, and held every promise Jodi and Terry intended on making one another. The lake they so commonly had come for the last 20 years, was now the spot they got to promise each other forever at. And just when we thought our entertainment had ended...

Maezey (Jodi's Daughter) got stung in the ass by a Bee!

Thankfully Grandma's make everything better....

Everyone recovered..

The way this family comes together and recovers no matter what obsticles (or stinging bees) come their way is so amazing to me how much grace they all have for eachother and how much love I wittnessed this day.

Thank you, Mr. & MRS. Valentine, for having me join you on your day, even though saying it will never hold as much appreciation as I'd like it to. <3

I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. When you need a reminder of how natural and simple your love for each-other is, I hope these photos remind you of our day on the pond.

And would I even be me if I didn't make her get into the pond and do some artsy "boudoirish" things??

I think NOT. <3