Sentimental Portrait Photography is on tour August 2021 going from Montana through Wyoming down to Las Vegas Nevada!

August 15th we are taking off from our portrait studio in Redmond Oregon and bringing our photography gear, wardrobe & glam station on the road! Each stop means something special to me and my travel partner Teresa! We've filled her Crew Cab Chevy Silvarado 2500 with everything to make the perfect photo session, indoor or outdoors, we're dragging it 3000 miles to create some beautiful and unique portraiture in a whole new location! Through out our journey I'll share our travel stops, extra travel tips (Blog Post on Travel Tips!) , video updates, & of course, iconic portrait photography!

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The scheduled portrait stops are as follows:

Missoula, MT

Wild Horse Hot Springs

Sunday August 15th 2021

   1 Outdoor Boudoir Session 9pm

   1 Outdoor Boudoir Session 5 am

Hobson, MT

The Stumble Inn

Monday August 16th 2021

1 Outdoor Family Session

Tuesday August 17th

1 Hotel Boudoir Session

Billings, MT

The Lodgestone

Wednesday August 18th 2021

1 Hotel Boudoir Session 10am

1 Outdoor Summer Family Session 6pm

Cody, WY

Buffalo Bill Cabins

Thursday August 19th 2021

1 Cabin Boudoir Session

Old West Town

Friday August 20th 2021

  1 Boudoir Session 10am

   1 Family Session 6pm


Saturday, August 21st 2021

1 Boudoir Session 10am

1 Family Session 6pm

Indian Springs, NV

Temple of Goddess

Tuesday August 24th 2021

1 Boudoir Session 10am

1 Boudoir Session 5pm

Las Vegas, NV

The Flamingo

Thursday August 26th 2021

1 Boudoir Session 7pm

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