Sentimental Photography Senior Portraits Ambassador Program model rep search is underway!

I am currently seeking ambassadors from various schools in the Jefferson, Dechutes, & Crook County area to act as model representatives. Throughout the year, you may see your images on marketing materials, the best part is you will not only receive credits to purchase prints for your own senior portraits but they have chances to win CASH when your friends book from your referrals in return. It starts with your fun and unique on location modeling session and continues through your Senior year.


If you are currently a Junior or Senior, I want you! You can earn a free senior portrait photography session, edited digital images, and cash! All you have to do is tell your friends about me. No, you don’t have to be a supermodel…just be an outgoing, fun-spirited person! As an Ambassador, you will receive a mini portrait session. After your session, I'll meet with you to review your proofs. We'll choose an image for your Senior Ambassador modeling watermarked promotions, which you'll receive free of charge. You will also receive Senior Ambassador cards, which are a business card with your name, and my studio information; these are yours to hand out to your friends and other Junior and Seniors. Additionally, I'll tag you with studio branded (watermarked) photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This requires you to like my Facebook, IG and Twitter page so I can tag your photos. A parent or legal guardian is required to attend your mini portrait session so that I know that they are fully aware of your intentions of representing Sentimental Portrait Photography. It's a good idea to have your parents be friends on Facebook, IG, and Twitter, so I can tag them as well. This will help you get more friends to bring in your Rep Cards. Whichever Senior Ambassador who has the most Rep Cards brought in by their friends by July 30th, 2022 will win a prize!



It’s simple. Complete the online entry application found at the bottom of this page. Then, I will evaluate your application to see if you qualify for your complimentary mini session. I am looking for outgoing and active individuals, who are not shy and are willing to brag about their session. I don't decide Ambassadors based on your activities or clubs, this isn't a college entrance essay. I am just looking for someone outgoing and willing to work hard as our Senior Ambassador.



You must schedule your mini session within 30 days of your application being chosen.

There is a $50 studio fee, (may be waived with scholarship application)

You will be representing our company so we ask that you actively promote Sentimental Portrait Photography throughout the year.

I rely on your support and active models will be rewarded!

I get creative ideas throughout the year and will call on my models to help test them out! Every 8 weeks I will be offering a styled & themed photo shoot available to each of my ambassadors for a prop fee of $25 per shoot. Included is styling, the photoshoot and your choice of 1 of your favorite images in high resolution. These shoots are optional but highly encouraged.

Have a GREAT time and enjoy your Junior and Senior year!



I am looking for students from the Class of 2021 and 2022 with outgoing personalities who like to have fun. I prefer our representatives to be involved in extra-curricular activities and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, whatever the job may be. Your senior portraits should reflect your personality. For your mini photo session, bring in a couple of outfits that represent your style. If you play a sport, bring in your uniform. If you play an instrument, bring that in. A limited number of representatives will be chosen from each area high school, so apply early.

NOTE: Students must refer a minimum of eight (8) bookings to be eligible to win the gift cards and other gifts. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the student that referred eight (8) bookings first.



Your child's senior year of high school can be very expensive. You will have fees for tests, graduation, announcements, invitations, cap and gown, yearbooks and ads in them, college applications, prom and of course, senior photos, along with so much more. Sentimental Portrait Photography is giving you the opportunity to save some money by allowing your child to become a Senior Ambassador for my studio. You MUST sign the contract with me before I book the mini session. It’s available online (Parent Contract). By entering this contest, you are permitting Sentimental Portrait Photography to use your son’s/daughter’s first name and photograph on the blog, website and in marketing materials. You are confirming you have the authority to commit to this. The signing of my contract and entry form in no way obligates the winners and/or parent/guardian to make purchases from Sentimental Portrait Photography. You also MUST attend your child's FREE mini portrait session because we require you to sign a contract about your child representing Sentimental Portrait Photography. I will also answer any questions you may have about the program at this time.



If a minimum of 3 of your referrals book a senior session you will receive your Senior Portrait Session completed for FREE, not only that, but as an Ambassador you will receive tiered incentives as you refer more and more clients:

Book 3 senior referrals and earn 1 Full Senior Portrait Session (photographer's time and talent; edited images & glam sold separately)

Book 4 senior referrals and earn VIP Senior Portrait Session (includes hair and make-up) plus four (4) free edited digital images)

Book 5 senior referrals and earn VIP Session, four (4) edited digital images 

Book 8 senior referrals and earn VIP Session + eight (8) edited digital images + entry for Visa Gift Card + Affiliate Cash of $25 per Session Referred

Book 10 senior referrals and earn VIP Session, ten (10) edited digital images & entry for Visa Gift Card, + Affiliate Cash of $25 per Session Referred + Instant $25 Gift Card

Book 15 senior referrals and earn VIP Session, fifteen (15) edited digital images, & entry for Visa Gift Card, +$50 gift card + Affiliate Cash of $25 per Session Referred + Instant $50 Gift Card

The three (3) students with this highest number of bookings will also receive the following prizes:

Third Place – $75 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card

Second Place – $100 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card

First Place – $150 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card


~The top three (3) students will be notified via email. The deadline for booking referrals to earn the prizes for the first, second or third place is July 30, 2022

~All referrals must have scheduled and paid their Session Fee @ booking in order to count toward your incentives. 

~Ambassador must refer a minimum of eight (8) bookings to be eligible to win the gift cards and prizes. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the student that referred eight (8) bookings first.

Fill the form out below with your info and why you'd like to be an ambassador for us!