1. Let the creative juices flow. Since playdough can get stuck in floorboards (and hair ... and under fingernails), bring along a roll of aluminum foil and/or a box of pipe cleaners—both can be molded into shapes, animals, and skyscrapers.
  2. Get snap happy. Give the kids disposable cameras (or old smartphones) so that they can take pictures of what you're driving by for a travel log.
  3. Make edible necklaces for the journey. String flavorless floss with things like cereal, grapes, and pretzels. It will fill their bellies and keep them busy at the same time.
  4. Cover seats with a fitted sheet. Be prepared for a mess by stretching a sheet over the seats. When you get to where you're going all you have to do is shake the sheet out and BAM!...your ride is spotless once more.
  5. Pack clothes in stackable laundry baskets (instead of suitcases). The idea is that each traveler has their own basket filled with clothes and other belongings (diapers, lovey, etc.). It's much easier to see if you're forgetting anything and it's a cinch to load and unload.
  6. For impatient travelers, use "Sticky Note Time Tabs." How it works: Write increments of time (i.e. 1:15, 2:15, 3:15) on sticky notes and adhere them to the center console below the clock. Kids pay attention to when the clock-time matches the sticky note-time. When they notice it, you remove the sticky note (and give them a surprise, if you're feeling generous).
  7. Chuck garbage into a plastic cereal container or old wipes box. They usually have lids so your vehicle won’t smell like eau de trash. Put them throughout your RV or car!
  8. Kick off your shoes. For long rides, many kids like to take their shoes off. Let them, but have a bag handy to stash the shoes or keep them by the door of your RV, so they're easy to find for pit stops.
  9. Make a killer playlist. It can make or break the road trip. Trust us.
  10. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of each front seat. Big kids will be able to reach for books, snacks, and games on their own (and ideally they'll be able to put everything back, too).